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Tips & Tricks - September 2019

The following Tips % Tricks are the ones presented during User Group meetings in September 2019.

Mapping User Dimension member to multiple areas in Area map

Usually you will just want to map a single dimension member, e.g. a Zip code, to a single corresponding area in an Area map.

However, sometimes you just need to combine some areas in the Area map into larger groups, e.g. to reflect a customized grouping you may have made with User Dimensions.

This video shows how single dimension members (from a User Dimension) are mapped to multiple areas in an Area map.

Multidimensional Subtotals

When you are combining two or more dimensions, or two or more attributes from the same dimension, to design a custom hierarchy in a crosstab, you may want to useMultidimensional Subtotals.

E.g. if you have Countries as the first level dimension and Store Types as the second level dimension, then you may have the same Store Type represented across all countries. While TARGIT perfectly displays subtotals for the Countries (because they are on the top level), you may also want to know the subtotals for the Store Types - i.e. the sum of each Store Type across all Countries. For this, you will need to enable Multidimensional Subtotals.

Once enabled, you will also be able to refer to the Multidimensional Subtotals in TARGIT calculations - opening up for even more usefulness.

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