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Global Dimensions

Global dimensions is a feature which makes it possible to link else unrelated hierarchies (Different connection/cube) – provided the hierarchies unique names are identical.

When using a criteria on one of the hierarchies in a Global dimension, the criteria is also applied to the other hierarchies in the Global dimension.

Unique names in Analysis Services are prefixed with [Dimension].[Hierarchy], meaning that a unique name belonging to a dimension with the name ‘Period’ cannot immediately be applied in another cube where the dimension is named ‘Posting period’, but the system is made in such a way that the prefix is exchanged before the query reaches Analysis Services.

At present there is no UI for configuring Global dimensions. It all happens in an XML-file: ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTserver\Settings\GlobalDimensions\GlobalDimensions.xml.

GlobalDimension.xml sample file
	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


		<globalDimension id="time_hierarchy">
			<metadata database="DemoData" cube="Sales" dimension="Period" hierarchy="Period" />
			<metadata database="Casual" cube="Clothing" dimension="Posting Period" hierarchy="Hierarchy" />

		<globalDimension id="time_month">
			<metadata database="DemoData" cube="Sales" dimension="Period" hierarchy="Month" />
			<metadata database="Casual" cube="Clothing" dimension="Posting Period" hierarchy="Month" />


In the example Period->Period from Sales cube in DemoData database is linked to Posting Period->Hierarchy in Clothing cube  in Casual database (id=”time_hierarchy”). Similar happens with the Month hierarchies (id=”time_month”).

The globalDimension id attribute is not displayed, but must be unique within all the global dimensions . The hierarchies to be linked must be written in the same globalDimension element.

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